(Part 1)How to start using wireshark sniffer?

To start using Wireshark just choose the network card (the card that is currently connected to the network) that we want to listen to. It should be noted that in some cases, Wireshark does not recognize the manufacturer of the card and puts only the name Microsoft or other (in my case, the first reference to Microsoft corresponds to the wireless network card).

After we select the network card, we immediately begin to view the packets that pass through the network.

To stop the process just click on the red icon of the Wireshark menu.

To try Wireshark right away, we left a little exercise here. To do this, we will snose all DNS requests and responses, and should put in the dns filter field. Next we open the command line and using the nslookup command, we question our DNS server who is.As you can see from the following image, Wireshark is able to capture all the information exchanged between our machine and the defined DNS server.

I hope you enjoyed this first tutorial on Wireshark.